“Antony provided training for my team on Legal Project Management.  His presentation was insightful and added james_bgreat value in assisting me in developing the team’s awareness of the importance of Legal Project Management as a developing industry in litigation.  I highly recommend Antony’s training.”

“One of our senior solicitor’s contacted Antony after reading some of his blog posts.  Antony’s experience, advice and project management skills have been invaluable in helping us identify and install a new practice management system.  Antony is a pleasure to work with and he has been a real asset to our business as we invest in further technology for the future benefit of our practice.”

“I worked with Antony for 8 years, at Axxia & LexisNexis, he is very knowledgeable and has a strong understanding of both the legal process and IT systems. This enables him to produce very compelling solutions helping law firms to get real advantage and ROI.”


Adrian_Livesley“I invited Antony to deliver a half-day session about legal project management and process improvement to the senior management team and process improvement group at Birkett Long. The session was informative, interesting and very relevant. We are now working on developing further some of the ideas Antony presented to us. If you want to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing legal project management and legal process improvement, I’d recommend a half day session with Antony as an excellent starting point.”

Stuart Whittle“Like me, Antony is a former lawyer who moved to the dark side. Antony and I share similar views in relation to the application of IT to the law and he has real world experience of what the day job entails which informs his views in relation to IT.”

Martin Godfrey“I worked for Antony as a software developer in a development team including former solicitors. Introducing workflow systems into numerous departments and offices throughout the firm presented challenges on a number of fronts. Antony did an excellent job of managing these projects, in particular building strong relationships with senior stakeholders in the partnership and working with them to implement the business and organisational changes the new systems introduced”.

Sue Nassh“The Association of Cost Lawyers encourages its members to offer a wide range of skills and services which truly add value to the work of their solicitor clients. With this in mind we engaged Antony to deliver a series of seminars about Legal Project Management. Feedback from members who attended was overwhelmingly positive about both the content and presenter. We are looking forward to working with Antony again sometime in the future. I warmly recommend his seminars for practitioners of all kinds who want to learn about the importance of project management skills”.

Karen Taylor“Antony is an enthusiastic colleague with good analytical skills and a talent for pulling together multiple sources of information. His background as a practising lawyer and within the legal IT/publishing industry means he brings a lot of experience to the table. Antony is particularly good at looking at market and product ideas which lie slightly outside of business as usual – he is a thorough researcher and passionate advocate of his ideas and proposals.”

I Hope This Gives You Some Further Insight Into The Work I Do.

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