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Legal Project Management Training Courses 2021

The purpose of this page is to provide a quick access listing of my public legal project management courses scheduled for 2021.

I also provide private courses for legal service teams in law firms and in-house departments and further information about these types of courses can be found here.

There are two kinds of courses open to individual subscription: certification courses which are delivered via Zoom only and shorter ‘on-demand’ courses which are delivered via a mix of pre-recorded presentations and live Zoom sessions.

Since February 2020 I have delivered all my training online.

Although I hope to resume face to face training during 2021 at the moment (writing in January 2021) it feels like this is unlikely to happen until the Autumn of 2021 at least.  Like everyone else, I will be closely monitoring Covid-19 developments and make plans accordingly.

Legal Project Management Training and Certification Online via Zoom

I ran four public training courses via Zoom during 2020 and did the same for a number of private in-house training courses.  I will admit to being rather sceptical at first, but was pleasantly surprised.  Feedback has shown that students receive a great learning experience and we all manage to avoid ‘zoom fatigue’.

Live online training works and I shall be continuing with this mode of training in future as an alternative option to live face to face training when the latter resumes.

Here is what one attendee said of my Zoom only legal project management certification course:

I really enjoyed the course and engaging with the other candidates on it. Very informative, it was extremely valuable learning how best to apply project management best practice to an LPM specific role. I was slightly concerned about taking a course via Zoom but I needn’t have been, this method of training delivery worked very well. The use of breakout rooms, face-to-face chats and candidate exercises added variety and facilitated the learning experience to good effect. In addition, there was lots of practical advice, e-handouts and useful references for further reading.

Course Deliverables

  1. Written notes covering all topics referred to in each course.
  2. IILPM Templates which can be used to execute key tasks found in legal project management.
  3. Practical workshops: my public courses have practical workshops and exercises baked in.  Experience shows these really help students better understand key concepts and develop their legal project management skills.  I often find that in my public courses particularly, people learn almost as much from each other as they do from me – the course is a great opportunity to network, share experiences and learn about what other people are doing.
  4. Alumni slots: I am delighted to say that past graduates of my public courses volunteer to do short ‘alumni slots’ where they return and explain to course participants how they have applied lessons learned during the course while they develop legal project management capability in their law firm or in-house legal department.
  5. Post course follow-up: few things are as frustrating as completing a course full of new ideas and enthusiasm, only to find when you return to work course notes get filed away as the daily demands of ‘business as usual’ take over again.  I am really keen that course graduates get to apply legal project management after training.  With this in mind I keep in touch with all course graduates.  I also offer course graduates three hours of free consultancy advice (via telephone or online). I find the people who take up this offer are usually those charged with implementing legal project management in their organisation.  Some people continue the consultations, which become chargeable after the three hours.

Course Outline

Broadly the course is in two parts.

  1. The first two days we work through the core elements of the IILPM 4-Phase LPM framework:
    1. Matter Definition
    2. Matter Planning
    3. Matter Delivery and
    4. Matter Close.
  2. Then on day three we consider how to further improve legal service delivery using Agile, Process Mapping, Legal Design and I.T. support for LPM.

Legal Project Management Certification Course Prospectus

To find more detail about my legal project management training in 2021, please download the course prospectus by clicking on the image adjacent.

If you would like to become a certified Legal Project Associate (LPA), then you must attend the first two days (14 hours) of one of my legal project management training courses.  To become a certified Legal Project Practitioner (LPP) you must attend all three days (21 hours) of one of my legal project management training courses.

An Intensive Course With Workshops and Exercises

My teaching style is informal, but please be aware that this is an intensive course.  I appreciate that it is quite a commitment for legal service professionals to take three days out of their business as usual activities to attend a training course.  So my commitment to you in return is a course which is comprehensive, engaging and at times challenging.

With this in mind, please be prepared to fully engage and participate in the workshops and exercises.

Students usually get a lot out of the workshops and exercises.  Everyone particularly enjoys the opportunity to work alongside a wide range of professionals engaged in legal service delivery.  My previous courses have been attended by solicitors, barristers, cost lawyers, in-house lawyers, government lawyers, professional support lawyers, business development professionals and project managers.


Legal Project Management Training and Certification Live Online via Zoom: Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th January 2021.

Reserve Your Place and Order

The LPA course and certification (comprising two days of training) costs £800 (plus third party online transaction fees).

The LPP course and certification (comprising all three days of training) costs £1200 (plus third party online transaction fees).

You can sign-up and pay below. Please rest assured the payment process is secure.

Alternatively, if you would prefer me to invoice you directly, please contact me about this.

As with my face to face training courses, I am happy to discuss payment by installments if you are self-funding.

Shorter Non-Certification Courses ‘On Demand’

The big advantage of ‘on demand’ courses is that you can take the course modules at a time and place of your own choosing.

A downside is lack of interaction with fellow students and course tutors. To overcome this, all of my chargeable on-demand courses have live Zoom sessions with me built in.

On Demand Short Course: How To Define Legal Matters Properly

In this course, which takes about five hours to complete (including live Zoom session) you will be able to:

  1. Learn about my 12 step process for defining legal matters properly.
  2. Apply each of the 12 steps in some detail.
  3. Understand why you should run legal project kick-off meetings and how to run them.
  4. Download material which accompanies each training video, including slides and a matter definition template.
  5. Take part in exercises about legal matter definition.
  6. Have the option of reading further material online to develop your knowledge in this area.
  7. Attend live Zoom session with me, 8th February 2021.

After this course you will know how to:

  • Define legal matters properly.
  • Start to plan legal matters in further detail with confidence.
  • Run legal matter kick-off meetings more effectively.

The live zoom session is your chance to:

  • Meet your fellow course attendees
  • Discuss with me any questions you may have about any topic covered during the course and / or in connection with the exercises and further reading material proviced as part of the course.

Free On-Demand Training Course: Introduction to Legal Project Management

In this course, which takes about one hour to complete, you will find out:

  1. What lawyers do
  2. What clients want from their lawyers
  3. The expectation and perception gap which can open up between lawyers and their clients
  4. How legal project management can help bridge this gap
  5. How you can further develop your legal project management skills
  6. How you can make a start implementing legal project management in your legal service organisation.

You will also be able to:

  • Download a free e-book, which answers many common questions people have about legal project management
  • Complete a self-assessment questionnaire so you can evaluate your current legal project management skills and knowledge
  • Access other online material which I have curated and which will provide you with further knowledge and insight about legal project management.

After this course you will:

  • Understand the key features of the legal services industry
  • Know how lawyers attempt to deliver their legal services
  • Become familiar with key principles of legal project management
  • Appreciate how legal project management helps lawyers and their clients.

Would you like any further information? Please contact me now!

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