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The collaborative nature of the training run by Antony allowed me to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering meaningful discussions and the exchange of best practices. The interactive sessions, coupled with case studies and group activities, created a dynamic learning environment that enhanced our problem-solving skills and provided a holistic understanding of legal process improvement.

Antony is a great facilitator.  He made the three day course enjoyable and the engagement exercises were informative and great for idea sharing.

The scope of the training was significant, but Antony covered the training in real detail, splicing the theory with decent interactions around participants experiences’ in work.

The Legal Process Improvement Professional (LPIP) is an excellent course with lots of details. Antony is great at explaining the principles of legal process improvement and provides lots of time for practical examples which really assists in understanding best approaches.

I have completed both Antony’s Legal Project Management and Legal Process Improvement Courses, and having moved into a newly created Legal Project Management role I can say that the tools and templates have been invaluable for me.

The three-day course with Antony was very enjoyable and rich in content. I can recommend it to any lawyer who wants to learn more about legal project management. I particularly appreciated the fact that it was held in a small group and that, despite the condensed program, there was enough time for questions and exchange.

I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for last week’s course.  The three days achieved exactly what I was looking for – to pull together various bits of disparate knowledge and thinking, and to reassemble them into something more structured and coherent.  Andrew Smith

I will be putting the takeaways into action immediately, and the elements of Lean and Agile which we talked about will provide a really useful means of starting to introduce project management techniques into the legal team at AIB.

What I wasn’t necessarily expecting was to spend the three days with such an interesting and engaged group of people; and to learn so much from them.  I hope the rest of the team didn’t find the interventions from “in house corner” too disruptive!”

“It has been a very useful session as it’s brought together the informal practices and processes performed in the workplace along with the more formal project management techniques. I would definitely recommend the course for a detailed overview of legal project management and for upskilling”.

A really informative and interesting course. Antony also provided great materials, as well as information, to be used on a day-to-day basis.

“Enlightening and useful course, mixing formality with the light touch of interaction within the workshops.  The course has encouraged meWilliam Whawell to want to learn more”.

The Legal Process Improvement Professional (LPIP) course covered a lot of really useful content in just 2 days. Concepts were easily broken down, there was lots of interaction and I felt by the end of it that I had a great set of tools I could immediately put into practice.

Maintaining engagement and interest during a two-day course is not easy, but I found Antony’s Legal Process Improvement course to be both engaging and insightful.

The processes discussed and ideas raised are easily transposed across all aspects of my legal work and help me think more critically about how I approach issues. Thank you so much!

Having just completed the LPIP course with Antony, I immediately put what I’ve learnt into action with my work.  Sarah-Barrett-VaneLearning new tools and ways of working  is crucial in my view and I’ve loved using the new software Antony introduced us to in my day to day work. Clear explanations, slides and practical exercises – combined with delegates’ interaction – kept our interest levels high over the full two days of the LPIP course.

The course was absolutely brilliant and pulled my legal experience and knowledge together really well.

I feel confidently able to lead Legal Projects and am armed with a great set of tools and precedents.

Antony is very knowledgeable and skilled – I recommend this course to everyone wishing to strengthen their skill base and be part of the future of legal service delivery.

This course is worth 2-3 days of your time. Whether you are new to legal project management, have a rough idea of what LPM is or are a veteran in the field, you will find new perspectives and angles to help with your understanding. I enjoyed the course and gained great perspective on what would be expected from me as a Legal Project Manager.”

The three-day course provides a comprehensive insight into legal project management and how legal project management techniques can be implemented effectively in practice. Antony is very knowledgeable and so the course is highly informative. The course is also very engaging as everyone is encouraged to think about how they would apply legal project management techniques to the case study provided and discuss with one another. I would highly recommend the course to all those interested in legal project management.

I really enjoyed the course and engaging with the other candidates on it. Very informative, it was extremely valuable learning how best to apply project management best practice to an LPM specific role. I was slightly concerned about taking a course via Zoom but I needn’t have been, this method of training delivery worked very well. The use of breakout rooms, face-to-face chats and candidate exercises added variety and facilitated the learning experience to good effect. In addition, there was lots of practical advice, e-handouts and useful references for further reading.

A very accessible and practical course which gave me confidence to start small and have a go!

Excellent course. Provides a clear and in-depth introduction to legal project management.dean-robertson

A very informative and interesting  introduction to  project management in a legal services context.  Many topics covered in the course aredale-gibbons relevant and helpful to the practice areas I work alongside.

The course provides great insight into legal project management and its implementation.  Antony is very knowledgeable and excellent at conveying the key concepts of legal project management.

Incredibly useful and informative. Well structured and kept me engaged, whilst progressing at a good pace.  Thank you! Natalie-Swales

I have long been convinced that applying the principles of project management (LPM) to my cases would help my clients and firm.

However, I was struggling to apply these principles convincingly.  christiana-aristidou

After conducting research it seemed that Antony was probably one of the best LPM trainers on the market, so I signed up for his 3 day course.

The course proved to be very well designed and highly informative. It covered an incredible number of topics on how to best manage a legal project.  The practical nature of the course was highlighted with insights by former course Alumni’s who returned to explain how they have applied the course in their practice.

Antony is a fantastic trainer, highly knowledgeable, very intelligent and with a great sense of humour which made the training very pleasant.


“Antony is an expert in his field, his experience and wisdom compliments a huge subject that would otherwise be difficult to understand in a three day course. Highly recommended”. Michael Tyler

“An intensive and informative course providing a solid grounding for would be legal project managers.”simon-murray-dwf

“This is an excellent course that will provide you with all the necessary tools and information to integrate legal project management into your business”.  Nicola Billen

“I would recommend this course to anyone interested in legal project management: informative, engaging and thought-provoking.”  paul-mccarthy-cfglaw

“Antony is an excellent trainer providing a clear and comprehensive explanation of legal project management. I feel confident I am leaving training with a sound understanding of the LPM methodology and how to implement it within the firm”. Charlotte Boswell

“Fantastic course, both practical and technical”.Rebecca Jorgensen

“Excellent course, well delivered.  The right level of coverage of core project management methodologies before moving on to legal project andrea-mulchronemanagement”.

“I found the course very informative and it boosted my confidence in relation to my knowledge and experience of legal project management. I can’t wait to put it to good practice!”   Gemma Young

A very informative course held in a collaborative environment.lucy_handford-crop

As a project manager from outside the legal industry this course was a great introduction to project management in law.  Really good insights into the legal environment and legal I.T.

Sue Nassh“The Association of Cost Lawyers encourages its members to offer a wide range of skills and services which truly add value to the work of their solicitor clients. With this in mind we engaged Antony to deliver a series of seminars about Legal Project Management. Feedback from members who attended was overwhelmingly positive about both the content and presenter. We are looking forward to working with Antony again sometime in the future. I warmly recommend his seminars for practitioners of all kinds who want to learn about the importance of project management skills”.

“Antony’s course is really well run and delivered.  A good mix of teaching styles: lecturing and interactive workshops / discussion points.  Sarah-Barrett-VaneAntony clearly knows his stuff and is also up to date, which you don’t always see. Also a great opportunity to meet fellow professionals and exchange ideas and experiences.”

“Excellent interactive course with lots of practical examples and tips that can be implemented immediately”.

“An excellent training program for anyone who wants to learn about legal project management”.

“Thought provoking and interesting. I look forward to putting it into practice and seeing the inevitable changes within the industry”.

“I really enjoyed Antony’s course. The concepts were well explained and illustrated with interesting practical examples.  I hope it will improve my daily work and the projects that I run and that in time I will move into working as a legal project manager”. Anna Sulowska

“Antony’s training is very well prepared and structured (students receive workshop material in advance).  His course provides essential Harald Eversknowledge of project management for lawyers and this is reinforced by facilitated workshops, where students can practice newly learned project management skills.  Many items covered during the course can be implemented back at the office immediately.  Antony is a smart and open-minded coach who clearly enjoys interaction with his students and I would be very happy to work with him again.”

“Excellent delivery of an innovative course.  Antony showed flexibility and responsiveness to student needs.  The workshops and exercises helped better understanding of the project management concepts presented”.

“A course that provides a huge amount of insight and information but also makes you think very hard about how you do things and how you could do them better”.Katherine Bird

“Antony is knowledgeable and his passion for the topic was evident.  The course itself has great content with lots of information, and I loved the book of templates”.

“I thought the course was really good – I’ve covered some areas before, but it was great to have those areas refreshed and there was plenty Kate Millicanthat was new.  Though 3 days is a long time, I felt I benefited from the time away from the office, giving me time and space to reflect on how we might move forward in this important area.”

“Antony provided training for my team on Legal Project Management.  His presentation was insightful and added james_bgreat value in assisting me in developing the team’s awareness of the importance of Legal Project Management as a developing industry in litigation.  I highly recommend Antony’s training.”

“One of our senior solicitor’s contacted Antony after reading some of his blog posts.  Antony’s experience, advice and project management skills have been invaluable in helping us identify and install a new practice management system.  Antony is a pleasure to work with and he has been a real asset to our business as we invest in further technology for the future benefit of our practice.”

“I worked with Antony for 8 years, at Axxia & LexisNexis, he is very knowledgeable and has a strong understanding of both the legal process and IT systems. This enables him to produce very compelling solutions helping law firms to get real advantage and ROI.”


Adrian_Livesley“I invited Antony to deliver a half-day session about legal project management and process improvement to the senior management team and process improvement group at Birkett Long. The session was informative, interesting and very relevant. We are now working on developing further some of the ideas Antony presented to us. If you want to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing legal project management and legal process improvement, I’d recommend a half day session with Antony as an excellent starting point.”

Stuart Whittle“Like me, Antony is a former lawyer who moved to the dark side. Antony and I share similar views in relation to the application of IT to the law and he has real world experience of what the day job entails which informs his views in relation to IT.”

Karen Taylor“Antony is an enthusiastic colleague with good analytical skills and a talent for pulling together multiple sources of information. His background as a practising lawyer and within the legal IT/publishing industry means he brings a lot of experience to the table. Antony is particularly good at looking at market and product ideas which lie slightly outside of business as usual – he is a thorough researcher and passionate advocate of his ideas and proposals.”

Martin Godfrey“I worked for Antony as a software developer in a development team including former solicitors. Introducing workflow systems into numerous departments and offices throughout the firm presented challenges on a number of fronts. Antony did an excellent job of managing these projects, in particular building strong relationships with senior stakeholders in the partnership and working with them to implement the business and organisational changes the new systems introduced”.

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