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There is huge demand for legal project managers in the U.K and worldwide.

But who is best placed to act as a legal project manager?

What are the most sought after skills of legal project managers?

If you are going for an interview as a legal project manager, what questions might you be asked and how can you start to answer them?

I have written a guide which covers all of the above.  Additionally, the guide also allows you to self-assess your competence as a (potential) legal project manager by completing a simple self-assessment form.

You can access this guide by subscribing to my blog posts. I write a post about legal project management and / or legal process improvement once a month.

Hundreds of subscribers regularly read my blog posts as they find them useful – I am sure you will too.

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Find out the skills required of legal project managers, some typical legal project manager interview Q&A's and self-assess your competence to act as a legal project manager with a self-assessment form.

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