On-Site Training Events

My legal project management on-site training is tailored to your specific requirements.

Usually most of the tailoring is about creating a realistic legal scenario which is familiar to you and your team, as this helps place legal project management principles in context.

Outlined below are the on-site training events I get asked to deliver most often.

All of my events include workshops and exercises as this is the best way for people to appreciate legal project management in practice.

Short Workshops for Partners and Senior Managers

These tend to be workshops of between one and two hours duration.

The idea behind the workshops is to give participants a feel for what it is like to apply key project management principles to legal matters and to generate discussion about how legal project management might work in their practice area.

Typical content includes:

  1. Introduction: The International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM) 4-Phase LPM Framework (please see below).
  2. Exercise: Matter Scoping
  3. Exercise: Risk Management
  4. Exercise: Client Communications
  5. Discussion: Implementing legal project management.

Half-Day Course for Practising Solicitors

This course is designed to help practising solicitors comply with the requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Competence Statement for Solicitors.

Section D of the Competence Statement provides that solicitors must demonstrate they can

“Initiate, plan, prioritise and manage work activities and projects to ensure that they are completed efficiently, on time and to an appropriate standard, both in relation to their own work and work that they lead or supervise, including

  1. Clarifying instructions so as to agree the scope and objectives of the work
  2. Taking into account the availability of resources in initiating work activities
  3. Meeting timescales, resource requirements and budgets
  4. Monitoring, and keeping other people informed of, progress
  5. Dealing effectively with unforeseen circumstances
  6. Paying appropriate attention to detail”


Hence this half day course covers:

  1. Introduction: The International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM) 4-Phase LPM Framework (please see below).
  2. Exercise: Matter Scoping
  3. Exercise: Client Communications (including client care letter and matter status reporting)
  4. Exercise: Resource Planning
  5. Building a Schedule
  6. Exercise: Managing the Schedule
  7. Change Control
  8. Closing Projects Properly
  9. Effective team leadership (including learning from high performing project managers).

Two-Day Course Leading to Certification in Legal Project Management

Organisations wanting to provide their staff with training leading to internationally recognised certification awarded by the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM) tend ask me to deliver a two-day course.  (IILPM certifications can be awarded only after two or three days training from an IILPM accredited trainer).

At the end of two days all attendees are then eligible to be awarded the certification of Legal Project Associate (LPA) by the IILPM.

Detailed course structure and content will reflect your requirements, provided topics covered are contained within the IILPM 4-Phase LPM Framework.

IILPM 4-Phase LPM Framework

The two-day course is based on the IILPM’s 4-Phase LPM Framework.

This Framework begins by focusing on essential project management concepts and techniques, and then goes on to cover much more.

The result is a holistic approach to legal service delivery.

Course Content

Key items from each of the 4-Phases with reference productivity techniques and effective team leadership.


Course Deliverables

  1. Background notes covering all topics referred to in each phase of the Framework.
  2. IILPM approved Templates which can be used to execute key legal project management tasks.
  3. Practical workshops and exercises to help students understand key concepts and develop their legal project management skills.
  4. Post course follow-up: few things are as frustrating as completing a course full of new ideas and enthusiasm, only to find when you return to work course notes get filed away as the daily demands of job take over again.  I am really keen that course graduates get to apply legal project management after training.  With this in mind I keep in touch with all course graduates.  I also offer course graduates three hours of free consultancy advice (via telephone or skype). I find the people who take up this offer are usually those charged with implementing legal project management in their organisation.  Some people continue the consultations, which become chargeable after the three hours.

Training Schedule

I can deliver the two-day course either in two consecutive days, two full days or four half days over a period of weeks – whatever works best for you and your team.

Training Location

Obviously, for ‘on-site’ training the default location is where the relevant legal teams work.  I have delivered training at client sites in the U.K and the European mainland.

One thing I would note is that I have found there can sometimes be significant student distraction during on-site training.  This clearly has potential to limit the effectiveness of the training. With this in mind, I would be happy to identify and book a neutral venue close to your office if you think this a good idea.

Legal Project Associate Certification

After completing two days training, all trainees are eligible to be awarded the certification of Legal Project Associate (LPA) by the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM).


Download Summary of On-Site Training Options

You can download a summary document which explains my typical on-site training options, along with a more detailed course outline for a two-day on-site training course, by clicking on the image adjacent.

What Some Of My Trainees Say

“Excellent course. Provides a clear and in-depth introduction to legal project management.”

Dean Robertson, Costs Consultant Kingsley Napley

“Many topics covered in the course are relevant and helpful to the practice areas I work alongside.”

Dale Gibbons, Senior Associate (Costs Lawyer) Kingsley Napley

“Antony is very knowledgeable and excellent at conveying the key concepts of legal project management”.

Samantha Jago, Costs Lawyer Reed Smith LLP

“The three days achieved exactly what I was looking for – to pull together various bits of disparate knowledge and thinking, and to reassemble them into something more structured and coherent.”

Andrew Smith, Head of Group Legal Services Allied Irish Bank

“Incredibly useful and informative. Well structured and kept me engaged, whilst progressing at a good pace. Thank you!”

Natalie Swales, Partner Masters Legal Costs

“Antony is a fantastic trainer, highly knowledgeable, very intelligent and with a great sense of humour which made the training very pleasant.”

Christiana Aristidou, Partner, Head of International Business, Tax and IP Law DEMOCRITOS ARISTIDOU LLC

“Antony is an expert in his field. Highly recommended”.

Michael Tyler, Partner, Head of Costs Kingsley Napley

"An intensive and informative course providing a solid grounding for would be legal project managers."

Simon Murray, Partner & Head of Costs Services DWF

"This is an excellent course that will provide you with all the necessary tools and information to integrate legal project management into your business".  

Nicola Billen, Partner, Head of Insurance asblaw

“I would recommend this course to anyone interested in legal project management: informative, engaging and thought-provoking.”

Paul McCarthy, Partner, Head of Costs CFG Law

“I feel confident I am leaving training with a sound understanding of the LPM methodology and how to implement it within the firm”.

Charlotte Boswell, Costs Lawyer Kingsley Napley

"Fantastic course, both practical and technical".

Rebecca Jorgensen, Associate, Head of Employment asblaw

"Excellent course, well delivered.  The right level of coverage of core project management methodologies before moving on to legal project management".

Andrea Mulchrone, Associate & Deputy Operational Client Manager DWF

“I found the course very informative…I can’t wait to put it into good practice!”

Jemma Young, Project Manager Burges Salmon

“A very informative course held in a collaborative environment.”

Lucy Handford, Managing Associate Stevens and Bolton

“As a project manager from outside the legal industry this course was a great introduction to project management in law.”

Adam Holder, Head of Project Management

“We engaged Antony to deliver a series of seminars about Legal Project Management. Feedback from members who attended was overwhelmingly positive about both the content and presenter.”

Sue Nash, Chair Association of Cost Lawyers

“Antony’s course is really well run and delivered. A good mix of teaching styles: lecturing and interactive workshops / discussion points.”

Sarah Barrett-Vane SBV Consulting

"Excellent interactive course with lots of practical examples and tips that can be implemented immediately".

Emma Newby
Newby Legal Consulting

"An excellent training program for anyone who wants to learn about legal project management".

Abilash Unny, Project Manager Slater and Gordon LLP

“Thought provoking and interesting. I look forward to putting it into practice and seeing the inevitable changes within the industry”.

Nicola Sayers, Housing Development Legal Officer Epping Forest District Council

"Enlightening and useful course, mixing formality with the light touch of interaction within the workshops.  The course has encouraged me to want to learn more".

William Whawell Auxilium Legal

“I would definitely recommend the course for a detailed overview of legal project management and for upskilling”.

Margaret Ivowi, Legal Contracts Manager B and CE Holdings

“I really enjoyed Antony’s course. The concepts were well explained and illustrated with interesting practical examples.”

Anna Sulowska, Legal Editor Thompson Reuters

“Antony is a smart and open-minded coach who clearly enjoys interaction with his students and I would be very happy to work with him again.”

Harald Evers, Attorney at Law KPMG Law, Germany

"Excellent delivery of an innovative course.  Antony showed flexibility and responsiveness to student needs.  The workshops and exercises helped better understanding of the project management concepts presented".

Stella Akpotoma, Senior Immigration Consultant

"A course that provides a huge amount of insight and information but also makes you think very hard about how you do things and how you could do them better".

Katherine Bird, Director of Business Development Hook Tangaza

“Antony is knowledgeable and his passion for the topic was evident. The course itself has great content with lots of information, and I loved the book of templates”.

Clare Collins, Head of Learning and Development
Global Law Firm

“I thought the course was really good – I’ve covered some areas before, but it was great to have those areas refreshed and there was plenty that was new.”

Katherine Milliken, Head of Practice Development Macfarlanes

“Antony provided training for my team on Legal Project Management. I highly recommend Antony’s training.”

James Barrett, Managing Associate Practico Costs

“Antony is a pleasure to work with and he has been a real asset to our business as we invest in further technology for the future benefit of our practice.”

Fiona Morrison, Practice Manager CFG Law

“Antony has a strong understanding of both the legal process and IT systems. This enables him to produce very compelling solutions helping law firms to get real advantage and ROI.”

Ian Wylie, Legal Workflow Developer Langleys Solicitors

“If you want to learn about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing legal project management and legal process improvement, I’d recommend a half day session with Antony as an excellent starting point.”

Adrian Livesley, Managing Partner Birkett Long, Solicitors

“Antony and I share similar views in relation to the application of IT to the law and he has real world experience of what the day job entails which informs his views in relation to IT.”

Stuart Whittle, Partner, IT & Operations Director Weightmans Solicitors

“Antony is particularly good at looking at market and product ideas which lie slightly outside of business as usual – he is a thorough researcher and passionate advocate of his ideas and proposals.”

Karen Taylor, Head of Product Management LexisNexis

“Introducing workflow systems into numerous departments and offices throughout the firm presented challenges on a number of fronts. Antony did an excellent job of managing these projects.”

Martin Godfrey, Director Firswood Consulting Ltd

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