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Self Assessment Of Your Legal Project Management Skills

The SRA’s competency based regime, which became compulsory for all solicitors from 1st November 2016, requires solicitors to conduct a self-assessment of their skills and then devise a training programme to help improve their skill set.

I thought it might be of interest for solicitors (and others) to have a legal project management skills self-assessment form to hand, including the skills and behaviours referred to in Section D of the Competence Statement.

Please feel free to download the form.

Download: PM skills self assessment form.
Download the self assessment form.

Competency Based Training

The Solicitors Regulation Authority now expects all solicitors practicing in England and Wales to demonstrate competence in core project management skills (see Section D of the SRA’s Competence Statement for Solicitors).

The SRA’s Competence Statement was one of many international standards relating to lawyers and project management examined by the International Institute for Legal Project Management (IILPM) during the process of creating its Legal Project Management Competency Framework (LPMCF).

The IILPM also conducted its own research, including contributions from LPM thought leaders and practitioners in 9 countries (including the U.K) and analysis of recruitment material from law firms seeking new legal project managers and related professionals.


The purpose of all this was to make sure that IILPM accredited trainers, courses and certifications were all properly validated and aligned to meet the real needs of professionals in today’s legal services market.

By adhering to IILPM standards I help develop the competence of legal service professionals through skills based training courses.

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