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Develop your skills and knowledge online

The preference of International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM) Authorised Training Providers (ATPs) is to deliver training in person.  This allows us to do things such as run in-training workshops and facilitate group discussion leading to rich learning outcomes.

However Covid-19 has clearly changed many things.  One of the most noticeable changes is the way that lawyers and other professionals have quickly adapted to working from home.  In tandem with this there has been an increased demand for legal project management training online.

I am servicing this demand in four ways.

  1. Live online certification training via Zoom.
  2. Shorter non-certification courses via Zoom, which are usually taken by legal service teams in law firms and in-house legal departments.
  3. Development IILPM certification courses ‘on-demand’ online.
  4. Making available a free ‘on-demand’ online introductory course about legal project management.

Live Online LPM Training and Certification Via Zoom

Responding to demand, I have started to run legal project management certification training course live online via Zoom.

Course content and course deliverables is the same as my public face to face courses (which are currently suspended due to Covid-19).

There are still workshops and exercises and attendees receive a full set of IILPM approved legal project management templates along with course notes.

If you attend the first two days of training you will become eligible for the IILPM certification of Legal Project Associate (LPA).

If you attend all three days of training, and you meet the pre-requisite of having worked-in or provided consultancy services to, the legal services industry for one year you will become eligible for the IILPM certification of Legal Project Practitioner (LPP).

You can download a copy of the Zoom course prospectus by clicking on the image above.

I will send you the pre-course material and Zoom link to the course by email a week before the course commences.

Please note that I obviously can not be held responsible for any connectivity issues you may experience whilst on the course.  Hence before signing up for the course, please do ensure that you have a stable connection to the internet.

Reserve Your Place and Order

The LPA course and certification (comprising two days of training) costs £800 (plus third party online transaction fees).

The LPP course and certification (comprising all three days of training) costs £1200 (plus third party online transaction fees).

You can sign-up and pay below. Please rest assured the payment process is secure.

Alternatively, if you would prefer me to invoice you directly, please contact me about this.

As with my face to face training courses, I am happy to discuss payment by installments if you are self-funding.

Legal Project Management Training and Certification Live Online via Zoom: Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th November 2020.

Legal Project Management Training and Certification Live Online via Zoom: Half-Day Sessions

Live IILPM accredited legal project management training, via Zoom, in smaller bite size chunks.

Starting from Tuesday 3rd November 2020 (2pm U.K time/ GMT) of I will be running my legal project management certification course every Tuesday afternoon through until Tuesday 8th December 2020.

This six half day training course will cover the same ground as my usual 3 (consecutive) day training course.

You can decide whether to sign up for the first 4 half days only for the LPA certification (equating to two full days training, cost £800) or all six half days for the LPP certification (equating to 3 full days training, cost £1200).

Training dates are:

  • 3rd November
  • 10th November
  • 17th November
  • 24th November
  • 1st December and
  • 8th December.

Legal Project Management Training Online For Legal Service Teams

Typically this training tends to be relatively short and, as a starting point, has similarities to my on-site training courses for partners and other fee earners.

I have found that with live online training, most people tend to prefer sessions of around 90 minutes each so we usually schedule several sessions to make sure all topics are covered.

As with my face to face on-site training, this training often results in a blended mix of an explanation of key legal project management concepts along with covering specific areas of interest to each team.

In reality, this kind of training often morphs into more focused consultancy work aimed at helping teams overcome particular issues by the application of legal project management and legal process improvement.

Over the last few years I have, at the request of law firms, devised and delivered training courses aimed specifically at senior associates who show potential to become partners.

If you would like to find out more about my live online training, please contact me now.

IILPM Certification Courses Online and ‘on demand’.

These courses consist of:

  • Pre-recorded presentations which you can watch in your own time when the course is running
  • Written notes for you to download, supporting each presentation
  • Live instructor led-sessions (via Zoom) where we work through workshops and exercises
  • Realistic legal scenarios which allow you to apply project management techniques to legal matters from start to finish
  • Curated links to further material about each topic should you want to find out more about particular topics
  • A full set of IILPM approved templates (MS Word and MS Excel) which you will receive upon completion of the course
  • Short interactive quizzes – just to make sure you have been paying attention!

At the end of each course, provided you have completed all modules and passed the quizzes, you will be awarded the certification of Legal Project Practitioner or Legal Project Associate.

If you would like to find out more about my IILPM certification courses online, please have a look at my online course site or contact me now.

FREE Online Course ‘on demand’: Introduction to Legal Project Management

In this course, which takes about one hour to complete, you will find out:

  • What lawyers do
  • What clients want from their lawyers
  • The expectation and perception gap which can open up between lawyers and their clients
  • How legal project management can help bridge this gap
  • How you can further develop your legal project management skills
  • How you can make a start implementing legal project management in your legal service organisation.

You will be able to:

Watch presentations on-demand, at a time and place which suits you

Download a free e-book, which answers many common questions people have about legal project management

Complete a self-assessment questionnaire so you can evaluate your current legal project management skills and knowledge

Access other online material which I have curated and which will provide you with further knowledge and insight about legal project management.

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